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About Rotary Club Kota
We believe that being rich and being poor is a situation in the society and the same moment we understand the require support to needy person is the responsibility of entire society so that every person can support the society in reciprocate.
Rotary Club Kota is a part of Rotary International and working to create a support system in the society where anyone can support the society who believe that it's his/her responsibility through us.
Rotary Club Kota is the name of a system where we connect people who literally want to support the society in any form whether in terms of monetary support, working support, moral support etc. Rotary create occasion where people can help each and every component of social aspect like children education, society health and cleanliness, motivation to new beginning, old age people support system, girls education, saving girl child, and security aspect etc. We are keen to add people who can give their support in the noble cause.
With your small step towards society we can create a success pave for many as we believe that someday at some time of moment society would have supported you surely now it is your turn….
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